Dead Ringers is a mini-series developed by Alice Birchand directed by Sean Durkin, Lauren Wolkstein and Karyn Kusama. This psychological thriller drama is based on the 1988 David Cronenberg film of the same name. Dead Ringers stars Rachel Weisz as both Beverly and Elliot Mantle, a set of twin gynecologists determined to change the way women give birth.

Cadence had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Mantle Twins. Our main task was split-screens to combine both of Weisz’s performances as each twin. With the help of our internal show compositing supervisor, Pete Steffan, we delivered a variety of shots – and as you can imagine, our main focus for the show was complicated split screens.

Dead Ringers premiered on April 21, 2023 and is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.